Trading Mentoring

Trading Mentoring

 Andy's Private Trading Mentorship

Andy Jordan, a seasoned professional in the trading world, boasts an impressive track record, having managed the renowned Traders Notebook advisory service for over two decades. Recognizing the challenges many traders face, Andy has transitioned his expertise into offering a transformative private mentoring program. This unique initiative provides traders the invaluable opportunity to engage one-on-one with him, ensuring a personalized and immersive learning experience.

Delving into the specifics of the Mentoring Program:

  • The program leverages the convenience of Skype and email for seamless communication.
  • It commences with a comprehensive review of the participant's trading journey, identifying challenges and setting clear goals.
  • Key topics broached include market selection techniques, mastering chart formations, strategizing trade entry/exit, crafting a robust trading plan, and navigating the psychological intricacies of trading.
  • The ultimate aim is to equip traders with the skills to operate independently and confidently by the program's conclusion.

Numerous testimonials vouch for Andy's unparalleled mentoring prowess, lauding his profound knowledge, vast experience, and empathetic teaching approach.


For those eager to embark on this transformative journey, the investment details are as follows:

  • Hourly consultation: $500
  • Comprehensive 1-Month session: $2,000

Please get in contact with Andy for further information!

How I approach my mentoring:

Over many years, I've guided numerous traders, both beginners and often experienced ones. The range has been quite vast over the years. What began as a one-week mentoring quickly evolved into monthly mentoring, as I soon realized that "getting one's hands dirty" was a crucial part of the mentoring process. A trader simply has to do everything themselves to truly understand what they've newly learned or what still requires some refinement. Over the years, the following approach has emerged.

  1. An initial conversation where we get to know each other and discuss whether collaboration makes sense, but also if we find each other likable. Nothing is worse than a collaboration between two parties who can't stand each other. Of course, this is free of charge!
  2. If you decide to go for the mentoring, we will agree on which days and at what time we will meet online. The meetings should be weekly, lasting 60 - 90 minutes, depending on when we have finished a topic. It's better to keep the session a bit shorter rather than trying to cover too much in one day. Only once we agree on the schedule will the payment be made.
  3. During our first meeting within the mentoring program, we will thoroughly analyze the reasons why you are not yet satisfied with your trading. Of course, you will send me some information via email in advance, so I have at least a rough idea of how I can help you. The initial analysis will not count towards your mentoring time.
  4. Only at this point does the actual mentoring begin. I always proceed step by step and give you ample time to put what you've learned into practice. Taking everything at a leisurely pace is one of my main goals, as we are not really time-constrained. I've had mentorships where the one-month mentoring extended over several months, without additional costs.
  5. Between our meetings, we often communicate via email. Often, I can respond to you quickly, but sometimes it's better to postpone the answer until our next meeting.
  6. As this is a one-to-one mentoring, the entire mentoring is tailored to your needs, which means there isn't really a fixed roadmap that suits every mentoring. Of course, there is a guiding thread we follow, but we are flexible enough to make changes or address topics that might arise anew. It's not uncommon for one issue or another to emerge during the mentoring, which we will naturally address to resolve.
  7. In general, the mentoring includes at least 90 minutes per week for personal conversation and lasts for at least 4 weeks. However, we allow ourselves to allocate the time in a way that seems sensible for both of us. If it takes a bit longer towards the end, you won't receive an additional bill from me. Up to now, I've had no complaints in this regard. My main concern is that you leave the mentoring satisfied.
  8. Since questions usually arise even after the mentoring, I will of course still be available to you via email after the mentoring. It would be a shame if we couldn't manage to set you on the right path!

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with me!


"I liked the entire program. I found it very helpful. Overall, everything was very good."
~ John Del Vecchio

"Fast, simple answers. Highly recommend to anyone."
~ J.

"Das Training hat mir auf jeden Fall neue Erkenntnisse für das Trading gebracht und Aussagen aus Büchern lebhafter gemacht. Auf der einen Seite also Auffrischung des Wissen und Ermittlung von neuem. Es wurde dabei sehr individuell auf Fragen eingegangen."
~ S.

"Andy gave me a good insight in his way of trading. I learned a lot and could decide on the next steps in my approach to trading.
- Ability to work with someone who is currently trading the market that I am interested in.
- Flexibility in training pacing and topics.
- Good balance between nutsy-boltsy advice and overall self-management recommendations.
- Overall I am a happy customer."
~ F.

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