Trading Strategies

Strategies for beginners and advanced users.

At Traders Notebook, we provide a range of trading strategies tailored for both novices and seasoned traders. Through extensive one-on-one online sessions, we'll impart the very strategies we employ in our own trading. We believe in transparency, so every aspect of our strategies is revealed and thoroughly taught down to the minutest detail, ensuring you can confidently execute them on your own. During and after the training phase, you'll gain access to our private Telegram group where we share our personal trades. This offers an added learning opportunity from experienced traders. You'll retain access to this group for a full three months to ensure you've grasped every detail.

Options Trading

For a steady income stream

Our focus in our options trading is to maintain a consistent income stream, concentrating only on a few markets such as the SPX. We prefer a non-directional trading approach, primarily placing what are known as range-bound trades. Markets spend a significant portion of time in a sideways phase, which we capitalize on. Even when faced with unexpected movements, we can usually make adjustments to correct our positions, thus ensuring a high winning probability. Read more...

Futures Spread Trading

A SPREAD is defined as the sale of one or more futures contracts and the purchase of one or more offsetting futures contracts. A spread tracks the difference between the price of whatever it is you are long and whatever it is you are short. Therefore the risk changes from that of price fluctuation to that of the difference between the two sides of the spread.


The spreader is a trader who positions himself between the speculator and the hedger. Rather than take the risk of excessive price fluctuation, he assumes the risk in the difference between two different trading months of the same futures, or the difference between two related futures contracts in different markets.


For example, a spreader might take the risk of the difference in price between August Soybean Meal and December Soybean Meal, or the difference in price between December Kansas City Wheat and December Chicago Wheat. Read more...

With the Highest Probabilities for Success


"Andy is a nice, honest, confident trainer who would answer all the questions with the same enthusiasm."
~ Vassili Moratis

"Your sharing the peripherals to the trading, it helps to create the right expectation from the trading . Overall it is very good. The opportunity to test our trade selection to make sure that the selection is sensible."
~ Fahitah Mackay

"Das Training hat mir auf jeden Fall neue Erkenntnisse für das Trading gebracht und Aussagen aus Büchern lebhafter gemacht. Auf der einen Seite also Auffrischung des Wissen und Ermittlung von neuem. Es wurde dabei sehr individuell auf Fragen eingegangen."
~ S.

"I felt Andy the trainer had a genuine interest to assist me in every aspect of the training and could answer my questions realistically to help me become a successful trader. I felt my confidence increase throughout the training. Andy the trainer has a pleasant personality which made it easy to discuss +/- issues of trading. He seemed to understand how I was feeling about certain views and was able to convey the information that I needed. Thank you very much."
~ D.

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